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Hong Kong Tycoons

Hong Kong Tycoons

About the Hong Kong Tycoons

Hong Kong as the hub of Asia is home to the elite, the powerful, and the wealthy not only in the territory but also in the region. Inspired by this kind of strength, the Hong Kong Tycoons are just as comfortable with a hockey stick in their hands and always raves to dominate on the ice just as their namesake rules the city.

Last season's runner up, the high scoring Hong Kong Tycoons will look for offensive dynamo Lucas Eshleman and an improved defensive core to get back to the CIHL Championship game for the fifth consecutive year.

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Player Roster
No. Name Born Position Catches Height
31 Emerson Keung United States Goalie Left 5'9"
33 Horrance Cheung Hong Kong SAR Goalie Left 6'1"
72 Korbinian Lutz Germany Goalie Left 6'2"
No. Name Born Position Shoots Height
- Marvin Hsu Great Britain Defence Right -
- Eric Eustace Canada Defence Right -
8 Lukas Manco Slovakia Defence Left 5'10"
24 Nate Allen Canada Defence Right 6'1"
36 Trevor Ho Canada Defence Right 5'8"
No. Name Born Position Shoots Height
- Gordon Kean - Forward Right -
- Jon Allen Canada Forward Right 5'10"
- Lauri Puranen Finland Forward Right -
2 Matthew Sackney Canada Forward Right 6'
3 Zachary Ho Hong Kong SAR Forward Right 4'10"
5 Jonathan Der Yemen Forward Right 5'8"
8 Matthew Nuttall Canada Forward Right 6'3"
9 Nicholas Certosini Canada Forward Left 5'7"
10 Patrick Hayes Canada Forward Left 5'10"
16 Jason Wong Hong Kong SAR Forward Left 5'6"
17 Kirk Schattilly United States Forward Left 6'2"
18 Elliott Steele Canada Forward Right -
72 Jim Fanstone Canada Forward Left 6'0"
77 Lucas Eshleman Hong Kong SAR Forward Left 5'8"
81 Jason Klotz Canada Forward Right 5'11"
85 Jonathan Szychta Canada Forward Right 5'8"
Team General Manager: Jim Fanstone
Team Captain: Jonathan Szychta
Assistant Captains: Jim Fanstone and Lucas Eshleman