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  • Hong Kong Tycoons
  • Kowloon Warriors
  • Macau Aces
  • South China Sharks
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CIHL Teams

Hong Kong Tycoons
Hong Kong Braodband Network

About Hong Kong Tycoons Team

Hong Kong as the hub of Asia is home to the elite, the powerful, and the wealthy not only in the territory but also in the region. Inspired by this kind of strength, the Hong Kong Tycoons are just as comfortable with a hockey stick in their hands and always raves to dominate on the ice just as their namesake rules the city.

Last season's runner up, the high scoring Hong Kong Tycoons will look to offensive dynamo Lucas Eshleman and an improved defensive core to get back to the CIHL Championship game for the fifth consecutive year.

Gregg Rockman

#45 Gregg Rockman

Kowloon Warriors

About Kowloon Warriors Team

Unlike the other founding CIHL teams, the Kowloon Warriors pay homage to history, capturing the fighting spirit of traditional Chinese martial arts. Brave, disciplined and experienced, the Warriors are ready to do battle on ice.

The AsiaXPAT Kowloon Warriors will look to improve on last season's last place finish with their fast paced, physical brand of hockey led by captain and CIHL all-time leading scorer, Gregory Smyth and backstopped by 2018-2019 Defenceman of the Year, David Belluche.

David Belluche

#4 David Belluche

Macau Aces
Manulife (International) Limited

About Macau Aces Team

Representing the neighbouring SAR, CIHL founding team the Macau Aces bring pure skill, a thirst for winning and an intuitive ability to read the competition. While a lucky pot of gold can never hurt, talent outweighs blind luck every time. Still, don’t be surprised if a few lucky pucks bounce their way and the Aces take more than their fair share of the winnings.

Coming off a disappointing playoff exit, the Manulife Macau Aces will look to bounce back in the 2019-2020. With the league’s top goaltender Liam Moorfield-Yee and strong team defence, the Aces are primed for a run at the Scotiabank Cup.

Jeff Ceccacci

#34 Jeff Ceccacci

South China Sharks

About South China Sharks Team

The South China Sharks joined the CIHL as the only team to be representing the increasingly winter sports-mad Mainland China. Fast, energetic, yet stealthy and clever, the Sharks are always looking to take a bite out of the competition.

The Scotiabank South China Sharks look to repeat as Scotiabank Cup Champions in the 2019-2020 season led by Captain, and franchise point leader, Jordan So. The Sharks return a number of key players including Ben MacAskill, while losing first round pick Marcus von Sydow and starting goalie Horrance Cheung.

Ben MacAskill

#17 Ben MacAskill