• Hong Kong Tycoons
  • Kowloon Warriors
  • Macau Aces
  • South China Sharks
  • Hong Kong Tycoons
  • Kowloon Warriors
  • Macau Aces
  • South China Sharks

About Us

CIHL 2018-2019 Champions – Scotiabank South China Sharks

Elite ice hockey league CIHL is the first full contact league in Hong Kong, covering the Southern China region. Teams represent Hong Kong, Kowloon, Macau and South China. The league is modeled after the popular British Columbia Hockey league (BCHL) in Canada with the following objectives:

  • Revive and expand interest in the sport of ice hockey in China
  • Expand on the growing popularity of ice hockey in Hong Kong
  • Provide a world class entertainment product
  • Establish a bonafide Chinese professional league over time
  • Develop Chinese hockey players to achieve competitiveness on a global basis

League Structure

  • The league consists of 4 teams:
Hong Kong Tycoons

Hong Kong Tycoons

Kowloon Warriors

Kowloon Warriors

Macau Aces

Macau Aces

South China Sharks

South China Sharks

  • 18 regular season game schedule (September 26, 2019 – April TBD, 2020).
  • All games are played at the Mega Ice rink located on the 10th Floor of MegaBox, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong. Directions to the rink can be found at: www.megabox.com.hk
  • Games are played on Thursday nights:
    - 1st game at 8:30 pm
    - 2nd game at 10:00 pm
  • The minimum age to play in the league is 16 however the league will grant exception on a case-by-case situation.

Game Structure

  • Game are played with full body contact.
  • 3x15 minute full stop time periods played 5 on 5+1 goalie.
  • 1x3 minute full stop time overtime period played 4 on 4+1 goalie.
  • Ice clean between 2nd – 3rd periods of each game.
  • 3 player shoot-out (playoffs only).
  • 4 man referee system (2 Referees and 2 Linesmen).
  • Strict rules and suspensions will be enforced for hits from behind and hits that target the player’s head.
  • No fighting allowed.
  • Rules follow international ice hockey standards with minor changes.

Team Structure

  • Tryouts for the 2019-2020 CIHL season will be held on Thursday, September 5, from 10:00 - 11:00 p.m. at Mega Ice. All New players that have registered for the CIHL MUST attend the tryout.
  • The 9 annual CIHL draft will be held on Saturday, September 7, 2018 (time/location TBD). All players, families and friends are welcome to attend the draft at no cost.
    • A player's full registration fee must be received by the CIHL by Friday, September 6.
    • A registration without full payment does not qualify you for the league or the draft.
  • Players not selected on draft night will be put into the league player pool (LPP) and eligible to play as spares.
  • Each team will draft between 15-17 players +2 goalies (based on players eligible).
  • Teams will be managed by one general manager (GM).
  • Player trades are permitted during the regular season.
  • In order to maintain the quality and integrity of the league, players that do not comply with the league rules and standards will be removed from the team.

CIHL Contacts

League Commissioner
Grant Phillips
Phone: +852 2892 7389
Mobile: +852 6692 6861
Email: grant@cihl.com
General Manager
Jeff Ceccacci
Phone: +852 2892 7389
Mobile: +852 6970 5016
Email: jeff@cihl.com