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Kowloon Warriors

Kowloon Warriors

About the Kowloon Warriors

Unlike the other founding CIHL teams, the Kowloon Warriors pay homage to history, capturing the fighting spirit of traditional Chinese martial arts. Brave, disciplined and experienced, the Warriors are ready to do battle on ice.

The AsiaXPAT Kowloon Warriors will look to improve upon last season's playoff loss with their fast paced, physical brand of hockey led by their captain and CIHL all-time leading scorer, Gregory Smyth.

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Player Roster
No. Name Born Position Catches Height
29 David Sargent United States Goalie Left 5'11"
31 King Ho Hong Kong SAR Goalie Left 5'7"
No. Name Born Position Shoots Height
2 Grant McLellan Canada Defence Right 6'1"
7 Patrick MacDonald Canada Defence Left 6'1"
13 Julian Ma Hong Kong SAR Defence Left 5'4"
20 Michael Koval Canada Defence Left 5'9"
22 Chun Kit Wan China Defence Right 6'0"
66 Jonathan Yiu Canada Defence Right 5'11"
No. Name Born Position Shoots Height
0 Ned Aiken Canada Forward Left 5'10"
0 Tom Allen Forward Right
0 Jeff Griffin Forward Right
9 Ryan Chu Hong Kong SAR Forward Right 5'5"
10 Gregory Smyth Canada Forward Right 6'1"
14 Devin Welsh Canada Forward Left 6'3"
17 Kirk Schattilly United States Forward Left 6'2"
17 Dennis Lo Hong Kong SAR Forward Left 5'11"
21 Julien Jorand Switzerland Forward Left 5'10"
27 Michael Yoshino United States Forward Left 5'7"
42 Eric McKenna Canada Forward Right 5'10"
44 Jake McDonnell Canada Forward Left 6'0"
48 Charlie Huber Germany Forward Right 6'4"
Team General Manager: Devin Welsh
Team Captain: Gregory Smyth
Assistant Captains: Devin Welsh and Eric Mckenna