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To help ensure the safety of the players in the CIHL, there are a few Equipment Standards which must be followed in order to play in the league.
Helmets Helmets:
  • All helmets, visors and full cages must be either CSA or HECC approved.
  • Players have the option of wearing the following combinations:
    • Helmet with full cage.
    • Helmet with half visor & mouth guard.
  • Helmets must be black in color.
  • Two tone color helmets (e.g. Black/Red) will be allowed providing it meets the following criteria:
    • Main color is BLACK.
    • Secondary color matches team colors.
Gloves Gloves:
  • All gloves must be black in color.
  • Colored gloves will be allowed providing it meets the following criteria:
    • Main color of the glove is BLACK.
    • Second and third colors must match your team colors (e.g. Hong Kong Tycoons colors are Black, Yellow & White... additional color allowed would be yellow and or white).
Shoulder Pads Shoulder Pads:
  • As the CIHL is a FULL CONTACT game, for the safety of the players, shoulder pads must be worn at ALL TIMES.
Pants Pants:
  • All pants must be black in color, pants that have color strip down the side will only be allowed providing the color stripe matches the team colors (e.g. Kowloon Warriors colors are Red, Black & White... Stripe color can be red or white).
  • No rips or tears in the pant legs are allowed.
Laces Laces:
  • Colors allowed are: Black, White, Yellow...
    No other colors are allowed.
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